XIN FOENG is located in the free trade zone, Gateway City Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao Province. Mainly engaged in cable recycling and trading of non-ferrous metals. We specialize in recycling scrap metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, tin, tungsten, zinc, etc.

Our starting point came from a small recycling plant in Taiwan. After that, we expanded our business all over Taiwan. and opened a factory in China in Guangdong Province. Later, we continue to search for new sources of waste materials in Southeast Asia. Finally, we established our office and factory in Thailand.

Our goal is to help drive the recycling industry into a modern industry. which cares about human well-being and the impact on the environment.

Xin Foeng believes in the power of the new generation who cares about the environment. That's why we searched for a team with a passion for the recycling industry, brought to develop skills and knowledge. This is to allow customers to receive the best products and services from us.




Responsible and respectful in the global recycling industry.



We aim to develop the most efficient recycling system. and focus on a clean and safe working environment.

Our values

Focus on long-term goals - Focus on building good relationships for good results in the future.

Responsible - Accept the consequences of your actions, both good and bad. Including improving the work.

Respect - Appreciate yourself and others. Including adhering to good conduct and being a role model for people in society.

Quality - Deliver products and services that meet standards to meet customer needs efficiently.

Pay attention to customers - Pay attention and understand customer needs. and strive to develop every mission to excellence.


Xin Foeng is licensed to operate by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. which is registered as follows:

  • Import-export of unused materials such as wires, copper, tin, aluminum, tungsten carbide, zinc scrap, nickel scrap, brass, other precious metals, etc.

  • Separating unused materials from factories in Thailand, such as non-ferrous metal scraps.

  • The sludge containing precious metals was extracted by electrochemical extraction.

  • Crush circuit boards to separate precious metals.

  • Plastic production

Quality policy

Our company is committed to operating and improving the work system to meet international standards. As well as focusing on promoting employees to have skills. knowledge and ability to work effectively for the advancement and growth of the business Under the response and satisfaction of customers with quality and service. Therefore, we have a policy for all employees to participate as follows.

Our company is committed to operating and delivering standardized products. To meet customer satisfaction and to develop excellence in the recycling industry.
The objectives and quality goals are set as follows.
1. Customer satisfaction with product quality and service is not less than 80%.
2. Deliver products and services on time according to the needs of customers, not less than 80%.
3. Complaints about the quality of products and services shall not exceed 3% of products delivered

from now on
Announced on December 1, 2022

Chin Yuan Hsu

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